Terms and Conditions


We here at Lone Palm Birds stand behind every bird we sell. We only sell birds from sources we have a long standing relationship with to ensure the healthiest and highest quality birds possible. All birds must be taken to an AVIAN certified vet within 72 hours of receipt (whether by pick up or by airline). The charges are the responsibility of the buyer. If the vet finds a genetic defect or major physical illness, we will gladly replace the bird. If the bird is not taken to a certified AVian vet within the 3 day time frame, the guarantee is null and void. We do NOT warranty against neglect, accidents or human error.


We do not offer refunds of any kind. If your bird is found to have a physical defect or illness, we will replace the bird. (Depending on availability). There could be a delay in getting a replacement bird to you due to availability. Also, please be absolutely certain that you want the bird you have put a deposit on. We are always here to assist you in making the right decision for your family. Ask questions first so you don't second guess yourself later.


Most of our shipping is done via Delta Airlines. In some cases, we will use Continental, but Delta does the bulk of our shipping. Once your bird is paid for in full and payment has cleared, we will arrange for shipment to your nearest major airport. We will do our best to work around your schedule. Weekend shipments can be arranged if necessary. Once the reservations have been made, you will be provided with the flight times, numbers and an air waybill number. You will need this number as well as your photo ID to pick up your bird at the airport. Please note that we cannot always ship immediately due to schedule constrictions or the weather. We will do our best to accomodate all schedules involved but there is nothing we can do about Mother Nature. As soon as it is warm/cool enough, we will get your bird out to you.


We're sorry, but we do not permit in person pick ups. We do this for the safety and security of our family, both feathered and human. If you are local to us here and would like to purchase a bird, we would be happy to meet you somewhere or in some cases deliver your bird to you. Please note that all sales in the state of Florida are subject to 6.5% sales tax for state and also Palm Beach County.


We do NOT keep your credit card information on file. We do keep your personal information such as name, address and phone number. We also do not sell our valued client's information.